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Don't worry, the fans don't start booing until July. ~~Earl Weaver

We once again had 42 players in our July tournament. Congrats to David R. for winning and earning $328. David also picked up the $20 bounty when he eliminated Tom B. two spots from the cash.

David R's. win gives him a very nice boost to 239 points, a full 55 points head of his next competition, Aland F., who improved to second. Tom B. is at third for 183. The ones to watch are Don R. and Kay K., holding fourth and fifth (182 & 179) with only 5 tournaments, while those above them have 6. But they have a lot of ground to cover to catch David R., who seems to really want Player of the Year.

Fifth League Tournament
1st Place
David R.
$328 + $20 bounty
53 Points
2nd Place
Michael B.
50 Points
3rd Place
Bobby A.
45 Points
4th Place
Thomas I.
57 Points
5th Place
Kay K.
40 Points